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Believe it or not, we are over halfway through 2020! Since my blog was not created earlier in the year, I would like to recap the trends that 2020 has given us so far.


One of my many favorites, earth tones mimic some of the more natural elements of wood and greenery. With spending more time at home (with many working from home now), bringing the serenity and calm of the outdoors is a much-appreciated feel from the day to day work environment our homes are now becoming. Don’t be shy adding in different textures or colors, let yourself get adventurous!


Step outside of your neutral zone and try to add a little color to your home. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to paint your dining room a beautiful bold purple or wanted to add in contrast with your wall art (hello gallery wall)! Bring in texture. Mix colors. Mix fabrics. The key here is to make sure not to overdo it. I can see myself getting carried away with a project like this; think balance.


I remember as a young girl, all I wanted was a canopy bed. I wanted to throw fabric over top and let it drape down the sides to create a slumber zone fit for a princess (which I truly wanted to grow up to be). I love that trends seem to rotate – they are the biggest trend, they go away, and then they come back better than ever; the canopy bed is no exception to that. Canopy beds can fit any style bedroom (although the style of the frame is not for every room – keep that in mind when shopping). You can dress the canopy bedframe to be masculine or feminine, bare or covered with flowing material (which you can change with your mood), and just give the feel of a cozy, warm, happy place within the four walls of your room.


For many of us, there is no getting around this one. We need a space to be productive, to be able to shut away the sounds of the outside world and have focus – whether it be for your job, to enjoy a book, or to jump online for some retail therapy. The key to a functional home office is organization (don’t lose your keyboard under a sea of papers). Make your office (or your “you” space) a place where you can per productive, comfortable, and motivated.


It’s back and better than ever! The ultimate issue with wallpaper has always been around the fact that it’s pretty much permanent, unless you would love to tackle the task of removing it by hand (I remember my mother doing this, the smell of vinegar still gets me every time). The times have changed and wallpaper has shifted into a semi-permanent solution. Wait, what? How? Peel and stick wallpaper has become a top item in home décor, allowing you to change your style, your colors, your theme as many times as you would like with ease (of course budget allowing).

I am hoping the back half of the year is filled with good news, a vaccine, and some new fun fall trends to talk about!

Stay safe out there!

About the Author: The author has always had a bit of an obsession with home goods, furniture, and great kitchens. Growing up with very little as a child, she would often take her mother’s catalogs and make her dream house room by room with a glue stick and some paper. Now all grown, she has the house she put together as a child and is hoping her passion helps others find a way to make their home just right.

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