Moving House? Here’s What You Need To Know


Face it: relocation time is knocking at your door. There are no two ways about it, so carry on with what needs to be done for a smooth transition. Relocation time is actually a great way to start afresh. Throw out the old (literally!), and avoid buying more stuff for the house till the time you’ve moved into your new residence.

The first and foremost job in an residence or official relocation is to segregate things you actually need, and things you need occasionally, and the last batch is the most device one: Junk! Spelt with capital letters! This pile called JUNK should be either sold, donated, or thrown in the trash bin. Decluttering will help you think and organize yourself better. It’s a chance for you to exercise your generosity and qualities of a human being. Donate, but don’t palm off broken down, unusable stuff. That will be demeaning to the person at the receiving end. You don’t want anyone to carry ill feelings about you, do you? So, be judicious when decluttering.

Next, see that the movable items you’re carrying with you, furniture, electronics, decorative items, etc are things that will fit in well in the place you’re shifting to. If you’re moving to a larger space, Congratulations! If not, it’s time again to take a call.
As a pet owner and animal lover, I request my readers to look seriously into this issue. Your pet is more than your child. Carry him/her with love, and if you’re going abroad where pets are not allowed, arrange for another loving family to induct your pet into. At no cost should you consider abandonment. It’s the worst thing a person can inflict on another living being.

Precious items like jewelry need to be guarded and cannot be handed over to the movers and packers. So hold on tight to it, and make sure it’s not left unattended when your mind is distracted while the packing is in progress. Likewise, keep a carton for important documents which you can keep a hold over.

Lastly, try to leave your residence as neat and clean as possible, after handing over your keys to your landlord (in case it’s a rented property.) Clear all dues, including electricity, maintenance, and even your internet provider, milk man, laundry person, and other domestic utility agent.

Smile, and move on! You have done a great job. Don’t forget to choose the best packers for yourself.

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