New Home Necessities From A Dog’s Point of View


We haven’t seen Lucas yet but Dad went to the airport with Lise to pick him up. Yup, he flew all the way from the Mid West to New England by himself. I would have been extra scared but Dad said Lucas didn’t think it was a big deal. He was sad to leave his Mom but was excited about having a new Mom and a forever home of his own.

He came in a crate that had a place for his water and food. Dad said it is a nice crate and will be a good place to go when he wants some alone time. When you have a sister like DixieLee, you know how important “alone time” is. Lucas has two sister cats and two brother birds so I’m sure he will like having his own special place.

Not all dogs have crates but I think they are important. It’s nice to have a quiet place to nap when Mom and Dad are not at home.

I made a list of some other things every dog (and cat) needs when they go to a new forever home.

1. Food and water bowls. Of course they need to have extra good food that goes in the bowls and fresh water all the time. And don’t forget they need treats. Lots of treats.

2. Bed. We are allowed on the bed and furniture but we also have our own beds. Well, they aren’t real beds but extra soft blankets in our crates to snuggle in.

3. Collars and leashes. Pets should wear their collars all the time because that is where their tags go. One of the first things a dog should learn is how to walk nice on a leash. If they walk nice, their humans will like taking walks with them.

4. Identification. Town tags and rabies tags attached to a collar are super important if a pet gets lost. Pets should also have a micro chip. Micro chips are teenie tiny so you don’t even know you have one but if you get lost, they are very helpful in getting home faster.

5. Grooming supplies. I don’t totally agree about grooming supplies because I hate baths but I do like having special towels to get wiped off from the rain and snow. I don’t need nail clippers because bite my nails short but some dogs need them.

Brushes are also good for keeping fur nice and clean and soft. They also help to keep hair from getting all over the house.

6. Toys. I saved the most important thing for last. Actually it was a toss up between toys and treats but good toys are super important. They are so important that I had Dad take a cuddly Zanie toy to Lucas when they went to the airport. Lise says he carries it around all the time. She said it is almost as big as him but he will grow into it.

If a human has all of these things ready when they bring home a new pet, they will have almost every thing they will need. They will only have to remember to add lots of hugs and kisses every day and then they will really have every thing.

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Zeva and DixieLee are an important part of the Lisewski household. They are the reason Marie, the owner and chief designer at Laurel Mountain Basket Company, started Paw Pals Boutique, the pet division of the company. Laurel Mountain Basket Co gift basket service was voted “Best In The Valley” by the Valley Advocate Readers Poll 9 years in a row and chosen among the Rave Reviews! Top 100 for 2007. Paw Pals Boutique website has the largest selection of custom designed Pet Themed Gift Baskets available online.

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