Routine Change: School’s Out For Summer


This issue is the start of the 10th year I’ve sent my little missives out! Time flies while you’re having fun, right? Admittedly, I’ve been a bit hit-or-miss lately, but you’re still always on my mind and I so enjoy sharing my various organizing and productivity thoughts with you. So, with that in mind… onward to an event that is affecting most of us now: school’s out for summer!

Remember that song? I had to Google it because Jim and I couldn’t remember who sang it. So, whether you like the Alice Cooper version (the one I remember) or the one by The Chipmunks (ack!), it’s generally a pretty happy albeit loud ditty. The thing is, it’s a reminder that we’re into a new season, a new time of different and fun activities and, hopefully, much less ‘normal’ routine. All of which brings its own excitement as well as dilemmas.

For instance, we must watch out for kids on bikes or various transport all over the streets and sidewalks now, at any time of the day. No school buses or school zones means folks are speeding through areas they’re usually much more cautious about. No ‘school routine’ means parents are shuffling their little ones between various summer activities, camps, friends’ homes and what have you. All of this creates some tension due to the newness of the requirements and settling into a comfortable routine that gets everyone through their work day and all back home for the evening meal or planning that family vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Yes, routine is very comforting, but it’s also a great challenge to throw something new into the mix, right? We even cook differently in the summer: BBQing takes center-stage for food prep. Salads become a big deal and soups get set aside for cooler weather. Heating costs go down, but your A/C and water costs start to climb. Gardening and yard work take up huge chunks of time, but the beauty and serenity they provide to our homes is so worth it. Budgeting for fun can be daunting, but somehow when we factor in the ‘learning experiences’ and camaraderie of all we plan, money becomes an issue that we tend to ignore until later – when those bills arrive!

So, let spontaneity rule a bit, OK? School shopping, parent conferences, too many extracurricular activities can all wait until we’ve enjoyed the joys of this new, hopefully more relaxing time of year. Enjoy your lovely yards and patios; sip your iced tea; have picnics with friends and family; and put your feet up a bit. All the rest can wait until… later!

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful but exciting summer!

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