Surviving The Next Polar Vortex Winter


This winter is surely one for the books, or is it the new normal? By now we all know what a Polar Vortex is, precipitated by a warm flow from Morocco! Clearly not enough warm flow to override the cold arctic mass. Even when the Polar Vortex is over, there have been more storms and the swings in temperature causing more ice than we have ever seen. Very dangerous just trying to take a walk, let alone driving.

So how do we stay warm?

Hopefully your home is well insulated and obviously around your home more layers are needed. Here we would like to address staying warm in bed, as our temperature goes down when we are sleeping and there is nothing worse than being cold in bed when we are tired and so in need of a good night’s sleep.

By now most people are aware that down is nature’s best insulator. However all down is not created equal. The best (and rarest) of all downs is Eiderdown. Given the Eider duck lives in places like Iceland, Norway, Northern Canada, you can see its down would need very powerful thermal properties. The Eider duck lines the nest and once the young have fledged the down is harvested from the nest that is no longer needed. This down is incredibly light and soft, so a much smaller amount than goose down is needed for total warmth. Eiderdown is not for everyone given the price, but for those who want only the best, lightest and warmest, it is incomparable.

For most of us a high quality white goose down will keep us cozy and comfortable. Our goose down is sustainably sourced and adheres to the RDS ( standard. It is important to know if you do not want to keep buying a down comforter, buy high quality and you will have it for many years. Choose a high thread count down proof ticking 350 and up. Choose high lofting down 700 fill power and up for maximum warmth. Always protect your investment with a lightweight decorative duvet cover like our Italian luxury solids.

No matter whether you choose Eiderdown or goose down, proper care is important. Our expertise for 44 years with our Down Doctor Services ensures you will enjoy them for life.

Custom size comforters, down toppers & down featherbeds are available as well custom weights. For a quote or any questions about down please call 212 840 2550

Our expertise of 44 years in luxury down bedding and the services of cleaning/restoration ensures your precious downs will last for decades. We use the finest European materials and proudly manufacture in the USA to RDS specifications (Responsible Down Standard). For any questions please call 800 USA DOWN or my direct number is 212 840 2550

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Lisa Stevens

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