What Is a Stun Gun and Its Operation and Types?


There is little doubt about the increase in criminal activities that are taking place especially in the late hours. The increase in the occurrences of such crimes is largely because only a few people are awake to assist and the added advantage of darkness, which aids petty criminals. This has made walking at night a bit unsettling.Therefore, the use of stun guns has dramatically increased in recent times. However, there are few things you must know before acquiring a stun gun.

What is a Stun Gun?

This non-lethal self-defense weapon is not exactly a gun per se; it is a handheld self-defense device that delivers high voltage electric shock through two or more prongs attached on its tip. The problem, however, is the proper use of a stun gun. To incapacitate your attacker with a stun gun, you need to be in direct contact with the attacker, since, this is not exactly a gun, as discussed beforehand. There is always a risk involved that the attacker may respond quickly and attack you before you attack him. However, there is always the element of surprise, which you can use to overpower your attacker. Now, there are different types of stun guns that you can carry in your pockets or purses.


A variety of these weapons are easily available on the market at affordable prices. From being as small as a tube of lipstick to an 18-inches long stun baton, stun guns are available in different designs. They all function in the same way. Below we have elaborated on the operations and uses of different stun guns.

Taser Pulse Plus

If you want a weapon that is small enough to be concealed in a bag, but can incapacitate your attacker with a single strike, then Taser Pulse Plus is the best choice. It’s primary feature is the Noonlight Mobile Integration, which keeps your devices connected with Noonlight Mobile application. Noonlight uses real-time GPS tracking to send the user’s location to law enforcement as soon as the trigger is pulled. The device stays connected with your phone if it is within the range of your mobile phone. The gun also features a built-in laser to help you aim quickly and its 15 feet shooting distance is ideal for most defensive situations.

Stun Master Li’l Guy

What if someone tells you that you can carry a stun gun that looks like a flashlight and is perfect for disabling your attacker? Stun Master Li’l Master provides you with those lookalike features, with a bulb that you can use as a flashlight and an electric surge to incapacitate your assailants. It’s high voltage shock can cause muscle loss and disorientation. It’s effective results not only make Stun Master Li’l Guy a good self-defense weapon but also a tactical flashlight to be used in emergencies.

Black Talon

This stun gun may not have the disguised feature as compared to the other two; however, this durable weapon provides a belt holster to be used for instant access. It has an intimidating sound, as well as a blinding 120 Lumens LED flashlight. These features allow you to run to safety before even using the stun feature. This stun gun comes with a charging cord which allows you to conveniently recharge the stun gun and flashlight.

Zap Blast Knuckle

Zap blast Knuckle is perfect for those who love to jog or walk alone at night. It’s rubberized contour ensures a firm grip while a shocking high-voltage awaits the call to action. It has an intimidating four-spike electrodes design offering extra protection and DNA collection as a useful evidence for the authorities.

Stun weapons are excellent choices for self-defense. Choose the one that you are comfortable with and don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the operation. Be prepared!

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