What Is Your Wall Trying to Say?


When you paint your walls a certain color, you can invoke a mood. The mood you set will help you to feel at home in a setting. It can also invoke certain feelings within you. It’s amazing that a wall color can do this. In the following article, we will explore paint and what each color can mean.


Blue is a calming color. It’s good in a bedroom as it helps people relax. When you see blue walls, you may feel like you have blue skies around you.


Yellow is a color that makes people happy. It is a color that makes people feel creative and inspired. When you paint your walls yellow, you can make people feel like they are in a sunny space. This color is good for the living room.


Purple is a lux color that helps people to feel special. You minus well roll out the red carpet and take out a crown when you paint a space purple. In modern decor, purple looks good in contradiction to tiling in a kitchen. It can add a modern flair that is on trend.


Roses are red, violets are blue, but when you see red, you might get hungry. It is a color to also makes you feel excited. Red in a dining room is super classy. It will also help people to get ready to dig in to the festivities.


Green is an energetic shade that is often under-utilized. Green can give a sense of joy to those that perceive it. It can be great in an entrance way to a home.


Pink is a delicate shade that you often see in children’s’ rooms. It can work in a bedroom for an adult too though. Pink is a color of romance.


There used to be a trend about ten years ago of painting everything brown. Brown the town so that it looks super modern. Brown can be a comforting color, so it is a wonder that they use it. It reminds people of simpler times.


Orange is a bit of a fun, uncanny color. It is a wholesome color that is a bit like a pumpkin carving session on a Fall day. Orange is a spicy color that you can put anywhere you want an unusual feel, like a bathroom.

White, Black, and Grey I group these together because they’re not really colors, per say. They are more like shades. These shades will make a home look elegant. Those who like to decorate with decor not colors like to utilize these

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